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  • Live Your Life On Purpose

    Our values are the things we consider to be important to us. These are the things in which we build our lives upon. Values influence our choices, shape our decisions and determine our priorities and actions.

    Values are the measure we use to decide if our lives are running in the directions we desire.

    If our values are in alignment with what we are doing, we are in a flow and ‘things are good’.

    If our values are not in alignment with what we are doing, we lose the flow and these things begin to bump up against each other causing friction. We begin to experience feelings of turmoil in our lives when what we are doing does not align with the things that are important to us.

    Part of our human experience includes striving for balance and congruence; when what be say (what is important to us) lines up with what we do. An indication we are out of balance is when we feel those nudges and pulls and begin to experience those low-grade emotions.

    In order to live a life of balance, joy, peace, abundance and contribution, we must act in accordance with our values. Alignment of our actions with what is important to us, honors who we truly are and allows us the space to be genuine and authentic.

    Many of us don’t give much thought to our values, for the most part, they are inherent and simply a part of who we are. However, when we take the time to reflect on what is truly important to us, we gain clarity and understanding. When we are clear on our values, we are clear on our priorities; our lives take on a purposeful renewed momentum.

    Our values are the foundation for which we build our life.

    When is a time I was happiest?

    When is a time I was most proud?

    When is a time I was most fulfilled?

    Determine your top 6 values: What is most important to you?

    Re-affirm your values: How will your values fit with your life? Commit.


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