Pieter (Johan) Botes

Hello, I'm Johan, but most know me as Pieter (he/him). Originally from South Africa, I relocated to Nova Scotia three years ago with my wife and daughter. Leaving behind the familiar was daunting, but we were embraced by the province's incredible people, making it feel like home.

While studying part-time, I worked in the corporate sector, connecting with individuals from different cultural backgrounds on a daily basis. This exposure nurtured my appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures enabling me to build good relationships with people from various backgrounds. My work experience also taught me valuable skills in managing high-stress situations.

I have always had a natural inclination towards choice theory and constructive theory which looks at the resources each individual has that can bring improvements to their situation. I also embrace eclectic theory, which emphasizes that each client is different and that my therapeutic approach needs to adjust to the client’s needs.

As a Counselling Intern at Couch of Hope, my aim is to create a safe space where we can explore new paths and foster hope even in the most challenging circumstances.


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