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  • What are Core Beliefs?


    Core beliefs are those most primitive beliefs we hold of ourselves, of others and of the world around us. Each of us views the world through our own lens, unique to us; core beliefs determine our lens and how we perceive and interpret our experiences.

    Core beliefs are important to us as they determine to what degree we see ourselves as worthy, safe, competent, powerful and loved. Negative core beliefs can have a negative impact on our self-acceptance, self-worth and self-esteem.

    Core beliefs are formed in the early years; they are deep rooted; they are held as absolute truths; and they dictate the rules we live by. Because core beliefs are formed in adolescence they are steeped in child-like thinking and they lack the insight and understanding of later life experiences. Core beliefs can also be distorted by trauma.

    Core beliefs are self-sustaining. When we believe something deeply about ourselves, our minds continually look for evidence to support this belief. However, through awareness, introspection and reflection we can alter our core beliefs, especially the negative beliefs that keep us stuck in a pattern of negative behaviour and self-sabotage.

    Working with a therapist can be helpful in identifying core beliefs, bringing awareness to thought patterns, identifying and understanding your rules, challenging negative beliefs, and ultimately moving towards something different and the results you desire.


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