AliJoy Richardson

Hi there, and welcome.

My name is Ali (she/her) and I grew up here in Dartmouth. I recently moved home to Nova Scotia and am grateful to be completing my Counselling Therapy Internship with the Couch of Hope.

My background is in the performing arts (theatre, specifically) and education. I have mentored and trained artists across Canada and I brought a mental health focus to my teaching and art before deciding to train formally as a therapist. I am completing a practicum placement with the Couch of Hope as the final stage of my Master’s in Counselling Psychology (Yorkville University).

I think of therapy as a collaboration between you and me. We both bring something important to the table: you bring expertise in your own life and I bring knowledge of how change can happen through therapy. My job as a therapist is to provide the supportive conditions in which you can learn new coping skills, gain insight, and draw on your strengths to get through hard times and transitions. I will tailor my approach to you by asking what you need from therapy, what kind of support has worked for you in the past (and what hasn’t!), and by learning the kinds of strategies that fit you and your unique life.

I am a white, queer, cisgender woman and I am dedicated to providing culturally-responsive, socially-just counselling to all clients. I have experience working closely with Indigenous collaborators and I am sensitive to how colonial power dynamics play out in health care settings. I strive to balance knowledge with humility in my work with all clients, especially when working cross-culturally. I am an advocate for disability rights and trans rights and I understand the toll systemic injustice takes on individual well-being. Our work together will take these factors into account.

If you are ready to reach out, I would be honoured to hear your story and work together.


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