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Couch of HOPE seeks to make mental health services accessible and as such we utilize social media as a tool to increase accessibility to mental health information. Couch of HOPE is a non-profit organization funded by the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia to deliver professional services. This project is limited in its resources and is maintained through volunteers and individuals willing to align with our vision, mission, and values.

We acknowledge that we are not experts in anything we do, rather we are committed as lifelong learners to increase our knowledge and understanding in order to support individuals in Nova Scotia to the best of our abilities.

Sources used for our platforms are reviewed with the following foundations in mind:

  1. We utilize research-based information from peer-reviewed resources.
  2. We share information that is compassionate, inclusive, and promotes the well-being and dignity of all.
  3. We utilize reputable sources.

Vision: That compassionate and inclusive mental health information is accessible.

Mission: The use of Social Media as a tool to increase accessibility to mental health information.

Values: We value curiosity and openness as we seek to constantly grow in our knowledge and learning.

Organizations and institutions that we use as our source do not always share our vision, mission, or values. Please know that we are not experts in any of the topics shared. We seek to build awareness around mental health topics. Please be aware that not all of the information shared will perfectly depict each mental health experience.

Although we share the experience of being human, it is important to note that our mental health journey is as unique as we are. Through sharing information, we seek to break the silence, change the way people think about mental well-being, and challenge the stigma.


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