Catherine Small

Hello, my name is Catherine (she/her), and I am so pleased to be joining the Couch of Hope team for my internship. I am currently a student at Acadia University, completing the Master of Education in Counselling degree. Prior to beginning my journey towards a counselling degree, I spent time working with youth in care and in the gender-based and sexual violence field.

I believe that everyone is unique and that our life experiences, strengths, and perspectives shape our world. We all have within us everything needed to overcome the difficulties we encounter and to find the resources needed to change and grow. However, sometimes we lose sight of our inner resources or have an experience that exceeds our ability to cope, and we need support to reconnect and sometimes expand our capacities. My hope is that counselling will give you a space where you can feel heard, accepted, respected, and empowered in moving through difficulties you might be encountering.

I base my work in a trauma informed, feminist, person centered framework and strive to create an atmosphere of safety, to build allyship, to advocate, to validate, and to support clients in the development of coping skills that support a variety of mental health concerns.


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