Couch of H.O.P.E is a community-based organization providing mild to moderate mental health services to clients through individual and group counselling.

Couch of H.O.P.E provides accessible mental health counselling services, addressing the needs of those in our community who are marginalized and often face several barriers to accessing resources.  

Couch of H.O.P.E increases capacity for mental health supports in Nova Scotia by providing clinical supervision and training to Counselling Therapists Interns.

Couch of H.O.P.E is an approved practicum site for Acadia and Yorkville Universities.

Students from Yorkville University’s MACP program and Acadia’s MEd program have completed the academic portion of their degree and require a set number of direct client practicum hours to graduate and then register with the regulatory body, Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists (NSCCT) as a Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate (RCT-C).

Our Clinical Supervisors are Registered Counselling Therapists in good standing and Approved Registered Counselling Therapist Candidacy Supervisors with the regulatory body Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists (NSCCT). Supervisors work closely with the Intern’s Professor and Practicum Coordinator, together, they oversee the Intern’s development by providing support, clinical education and direct training.

Couch of Hope clients are well supported by their Counselling Therapist Intern directly, and indirectly, by the Intern’s Supervisor, Professor, Practicum Coordinator, our Executive Director, peers in their cohort, and other Registered Counselling Therapists who work on site.

Clients learn about Couch of H.O.P.E through community organizations, social media, or word of mouth. Clients can be referred by a community organization or they can self-refer, either channel begins with the client initiating a request for services.

When clients apply for services with Couch of H.O.P.E they are asked a few questinos to ensure they are in the right place, we assess that mild to moderate mental health services are the most appropriate fit based on the clients’ situation and needs. Additionally, clients must meet eligibility criteria; they do not have insurance; and they do not have a means to pay out of pocket for services.

Eligible clients will move to the intake stage of the application where basic information is obtained, and a file is created in our web-based practice management platform. The client is then placed in the queue for services. During this wait time, clients are offered the opportunity to participate in one of our counselling groups.  Typically, clients will be assigned to a Counselling Therapist Intern in May, September or January. In some instances, clients are contacted in between these months when a space becomes available on a caseload.

Clients and Interns alike have described Couch of H.O.P.E's services and practicum opportunity as professional, tailored to needs, accommodating, compassionate, and life changing.

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