Don Bouwman

Don is a passionate retailer and entrepreneur. He is president and owner of a company which operates a number of successful businesses in Halifax and Dartmouth. Don’s strengths include his acute business acumen, understanding of commerce, technical and analytical skills, problem solving, and commitment to ethical awareness. In his previous career, for over 16 years, Don was successful as a senior leader in a large Canadian corporation. Today, in his leadership, Don enjoys working with his teams, coaching, and developing his managers at all levels. Don is also actively involved in an entrepreneur mentorship program where he supports others who are starting out. Don is community-minded, socially responsible and a proud supporter of many independent groups, teams, and events. Don is actively involved, as Chair, of the Canadian Tire Jumpstart HRM Chapter. Don lives in Lewis Lake, Nova Scotia with his wife and three children. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors and has recently beome interested in hobby photography.

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