Michelle Labine

Michelle is a Registered Counselling Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, and Entrepreneur

As a clinician in her own group private practice, she strives to contribute to her clients and Nova Scotians in a way that supports them on their journey of becoming the most fulfilled in their life. In 2020, Michelle began responding, in another way, to the needs of those in Nova Scotia; her contribution has broken through a number of barriers, finding a way to provide free mental health counselling.  Therapy is no longer only available to those in a postion of privilege. Michelle built a team of Counselling Therapist Interns providing free mental health counselling services, addressing community needs and improving access. Additionally, Couch of Hope increases capacity for mental health services in Nova Scotia by providing clinical supervision and training to Counselling Therapists Interns.

"Michelle is full of compassion, knowledge, and insight. She offers all of this and more to not only her clients but also her interns that she supervises and their clients. She cares deeply for Couch of Hope and is intrinsically connected to the mission to provide free mental health counselling to all Nova Scotians. She is constantly exploring new avenues for growth and ways for Couch of Hope to reach those who have not been reached." - Annonymous Past Intern

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